Feeding Takachiho’s Veggies and Vegans: Cafe Terrace Takachihoya

Japan’s town of Takachiho, Miyazaki, is well known for its popular attraction ‘Takachiho Gorge’. If you’ve been up-to-date with my blog posts you’ll have read about my recent trip to the gorge and surrounding areas; if you haven’t…

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If you did read the post, you will have found that Takachiho is rural, boasting miles and miles of mountainous natural beauty. However, one downside of Japanese inaka is the difficulty to eat out as a veggie or vegan.

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Coming to the rescue of all animal-friendly visitors to Takachiho is the stunning and contemporary Takachihoya Roof Terrace Café.

The café waits casually on the main road running through Takachiho and is an easy walk from the Gorge and Takachiho Shrine.


I happened upon it by chance; catching my eye as I slowed for a set of traffic lights. I juts felt a pull from the cafe and went with my gut, pulling into the carpark next to the building. Entering the café I saw a Happy Cow sticker on the door, letting me know that there would be a vegan option!

Inside the café was gorgeous, the space was open, clean and really bright! The décor really used Japanese nature, with a modern aesthetic. The customer service was amazing, helped even more by the lady who served me speaking brilliant English.

You can eat in a 3D bamboo forest!

There were a few veggie and vegan options, being pretty hungry, I went with the vegan curry and fresh apple juice.


After finally deciding where to sit, with everywhere being pretty enticing, I had time to browse through my Takachiho pamphlet and think out the rest of my trip, whilst taking in my surroundings.

The food came quickly, was presented beautifully and tasted great! The vegetables tasted really fresh and the apple juice was just what I needed after walking around the gorge.


P.S. If you visit – make SURE you go to the bathroom, I know that sounds weird, but they are the nicest toilets I have seen in a really long time.

Good food, aesthetics, service and toilets- Takachihoya definitely impressed. It was so nice to find somewhere that I didn’t need to fiddle around with the menu to get good, veggie food. It was even better to find a place like this in somewhere as unexpected as Takachiho!

For updates or a nosey check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

4 thoughts on “Feeding Takachiho’s Veggies and Vegans: Cafe Terrace Takachihoya

  1. Another interesting read
    Your food looked gorgeous & the cafe looked very nice next time you visit take a picture of the toilets lol
    I’m glad your finding new places to eat out as a vegetarian
    Takachihio looks very picturesque & beautiful
    Looking forward to your next blog & your next adventure
    Take care Jess love you always Auntie Mary x❤️X


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