The 52 Lists Project: Week 1

When I got home from Japan, I was met with a lot of mixed emotions. We’ve chatted a bit about this in my last post. One thing I didn’t mention was the awesome little homecoming hamper that my mum and sister, Beck, put together for me.

Amongst the mountain of thoughtful gifts was a book from my mum titled, ‘the 52 lists project’ by Moorea Seal. My mum knows all about my love of listing and told me, in her usual abrupt-but-loving way, ‘you’d better use it’. 

It took me a while to get going as I tried to decide where (and when) to start, but now I have started I’m really enjoying it! 

‘Create 52 lists, one for every week of the year, that will help you discover the beauty, joy, creativity, and power you already have! Get ready to celebrate, enjoy, and take ownership of your life, as each week of the year becomes more thoughtful and vibrant.’

-The 52 Lists Project

Not bad eh? As someone who lists about one hundred times a week, I thought one more list wouldn’t hurt.

The book starts in Winter and continues through the seasons. Despite getting this gift in August, I decided to hold off and start in the first week of Autumn, week 40. After writing out my second list I realised that this would be a great thing to write about. It’s a way for you guys to get to know me better and, more importantly, to think about what your own lists would look like and why.

I’m excited to get my 52 lists project going and I expect that by the end of it, I will be a lot more mindful. I hope you enjoy reading along with me!

If you wanted to get your own book, copies are available at the Book Depository– free worldwide shipping too! You can also find it at Better World Books, an affordable site that saves books from landfill, supports global literacy and also offers free worldwide shipping.


  1. Mr Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra

Who can be sad listening to this song?!

  1. Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield

If you haven’t watched the film ‘Easy A’, you should do that. If not, the ‘Easy A- Pocketful of Sunshine Scene’ alone will boost your mood. 

  1. Dynamite- BTS
  2. This is Me- The Greatest Showman
  3. Make a Man Out of You- Disney’s Mulan

I am not ashamed to admit that I know this song verbatim and have mastered switching between Shang, Mulan, Chien-Po, Yao, Mushu and Ling. Flex.

  1. Money- Leikeli47
  2. Samson- Regina Spektor
  3. Dragon Night- Sekai No Owari

I have a very specific memory attached to this song. I was in the car with my host mum and her two kids, Miho and Ayami. I can’t even remember where we were driving, maybe to go strawberry picking, when this song came on. Hearing them sing it together melted my heart and continues to every time I listen.

  1. Baby, Baby- Choi Sang Yeop

My First First Love is on Netflix and you should certainly, most definitely watch it. Then watch Crash Landing on You. You can thank me later.

  1. Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder

Hearing this song blasting out of an LP player, while walking around an organic market outside of a Buddhist temple sitting atop a mountain gives me chills to remember. Believe it or not, I hadn’t heard this song until then.

  1. Praying- Kesha
  2. Good as Hell- Lizzo
  3. F*** It- Eamon
  4. Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

Once an emo kid, always an emo kid.

  1. Believe- Nightcore

This song has a permanent residence in my running playlists and you know what I told you about running and its effects on stress relief, right?

  1. Sit Down- James

Whenever I felt homesick in Japan I’d listen to this. For me, it just reminds me of home. Probably because every time it comes on when I am home, everyone seems to just know the words to it. 

  1. Honey, Honey- ABBA
  2. I Still Believe- Tim Cappello

A topless, muscly saxophone man singing about resilience and positivity in the 80s, in one of my all time favourite films… of course this song makes the list! 

  1. Sk8r Boy- Avril Lavigne
  2. Final Song- MO

BONUS SONGS (because I couldn’t leave it at 20)

The Anthem- Good Charlotte

Your Man- Josh Turner

Start Wearing Purple- Gogol Bordello

I listened to this song in the car with my amazing friend, Lydia, who has the most fantastic and varied music taste ever. Whenever I listen to this I think of her and all of the awesome memories we made during our time in Japan. Also, the song itself reminds me of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with all its quirks and chaos. 

Everybody Wants to be a Cat- Disney’s Aristocats

Through the Fire and Flames- DragonForce

If you have ever sang this song on karaoke then I applaud you.

Green and Grey- Damh the Bard

The last song is perfect. I’ve always loved songs with a story, that’s why I love ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles. It’s such a soft song and you can almost feel the magic when you listen to it!

Buxton, UK

What are your top twenty mood-boosting songs? Are any of your choices on this list? If so, we can be mood-booster buddies! You can also find some free printable lists at, so why not give them a go, I’d love to know what you think. My second week is all about Autumn, or Fall, and the best things about the season!

Stay Positive,


Jess x

2 thoughts on “The 52 Lists Project: Week 1

  1. That was lovely & I feel I lifted just reading your blog & choice of songs & what a lovely idea to make a list & I love all your memories to songs
    Your so honest in your emotions & how you feel & it’s so refreshing
    Love you lots always x😍x

    Liked by 1 person

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