Cheerful Beginnings

Hey! Welcome to Yōkina Living!


I’m Jess and I’m soon to be a 3rd year student of English Language and Literature in Lancaster University, UK. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now and decided that, for a multitude of reasons, including the end of my 2nd year exams, now would be the perfect time to get it all set up!

As it is the focus of half of my major, I think you can guess that I love stories (who doesn’t, right?)

I love hearing stories about life;  hearing about other people’s lives, reading literature written from perspectives different, and sometimes paradoxical, to my own and wandering through art galleries, covered wall to wall  with splashes and strokes of colour, telling thousands of stories to thousands of people. I think that stories help us to understand and connect to people, animals, to the environment and most importantly to ourselves.

Over the last few years, my story has become a little rocky,  life has thrown me quite a few curve balls and I have to be honest, I’ve struggled to keep up. I noticed that over time I had started to lose the connection that I had with myself, so made a conscious decision to try my best to find and keep that connection and stay positive!


I know that so many people will be in the same boat as me, staying positive is a hard thing to do, especially when life feels like a weight on your shoulders. I wanted this blog to work as a story of my own, using personal experiences to give realistic advice, not just generic tips that could be applied to anything. As life isn’t one-sided, I’ll be writing about a variety of things, from reviews to recipes, updates from my end to tips on how to make your life a little more yōkina (or cheerful!)

If you have anything at all that you’d like me to write about please comment below!


Keep Positive!



5 thoughts on “Cheerful Beginnings

    1. Nice to meet you too and thank you for your comment! That’s really interesting, can I ask what aspect of blogging would you say helps you to stay positive?

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      1. I have met some great friends through blogging that always seem to have the right words to encourage me. I also love reading other posts from positive bloggers. It has helped me keep things in perspective.

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